How it all started

We decided to create a minecraft server... In that time it was very popular so we did it but we did not have a lot of experience with it so it came downhill.

The creators of the snowycraft are the Owner: Misineck0 and sp.Owner/Developer: simonGM223.

Then the minecraft hosting sites were born but we had little money so we hosted it on our shitty server back then with windows 7 and it wasn't particularly the best.

So we were experimenting most of the time like trying to get skywars working because back in the years the plugins weren't so user friendly.

And then we started arguing and i decided to create my own server, back then i didn't realize that i would be owner i thought i would be like helper or admin.

So i had to name the server and i called it snowycraft because it was snowing outside and thats how it all started and how to name snowycraft was born.

But it wasn't so easy as i thought it would be maintaining a server so i got back with my friend and we were working together once more and here we are now.

Now we host the server ourselfs we dont use any external site for hosting exept for portforwarding.

We have a great admin team and our community is starting to grow.


SnowyCraft's first name was IcetyCraft

SnowyCraft now exists almost 3 years.